Copywriting Services

Captivate Your Customers.

Elevate Your Brand.

Skyrocket your Sales.

With over six years of experience, I offer expertly-curated, personally customized copywriting services. Whether you’re a small business with gargantuan goals or a company looking for a facelift, I deliver irresistible copywriting that sells!

Copywriting Services – Let’s Break it Down!

What is copy? And why do you need it RIGHT NOW?

Copy is the directive driving your consumers to purchase your product or service.

I’ve already delivered my content, but I want to sell more, you say. What do I do?

Engage with your audience. Convince them to act now.

But I already do that. There’s more?  

Yes. There’s only one way to drive true engagement and conversion of your audience. And that’s marrying your content to your consumers, through driving, actionable copywriting services.

How will you do that, as a copywriter?

I dive into the minds of your consumers. I analyze their burning desires. I mold your business’s one-of-a-kind services to your consumer’s desires using precise, targeted language.

What’s the end result (backed by dozens of testimonials and successful backtests)?

Your services become irresistible to your audience.

I’m passionate, and so are you. Together, let’s make your business irresistible.

Here You Go! Some Testimonials on My Copywriting Services

Hello from Your Personal Copywriter, Faith

With over six years of copywriting, creative writing, and technical writing experience, as well as a BA in Linguistics & Computer Science from UCLA, I provide a range of copywriting services to custom-fit your business needs.

My copywriting services are colored by not only hours spent crafting top-notch copy, but also unique attention to the specific needs of my clients. Businesses are snowflakes; each and every one requires a new, innovative copywriting approach utterly targeted to that business’s audience, as well as its objectives. No two solutions are the same, and this is what I do best. I do my research. I dive into the heart of your business. I learn what drives you – what you’re passionate about. I learn what drives your audience – what they can’t resist. And then I craft copy that is beautifully articulated, precisely targeted, and – this is the one that matters! – will skyrocket your sales immediately.

My past projects have included traditional copywriting services for websites, email launches, and advertisements, as well as niche, specialized work such as blog posts, travel articles, monthly newsletters, speeches, and e-books. With five novels under my belt and short stories published in prominent outlets such as OutWrite Newsmagazine, I have extensive creative writing expertise for abstract projects as well. My copywriting services are extensive and versatile. If you have a custom request, no dice! Send me a message and let’s get your business’s sales skyrocketing.

You’re an Innovator.

One rainy Tuesday morning back in 1998, you woke up to make a cup of coffee and head of to your 9-5, but instead … you had an idea. A revolutionary, trailblazing idea that sent you into a frenzy. That evening, you got home from work and you got to work. You started with nothing, except for a boatload of ambition, bravery, and one otherworldly idea. And you build an entire business from the bare, grass-less dirt, to where it is today.

You’re an Innovator.

But lately, you’ve smashed headfirst into a wall. Sales are stagnant. Annual revenue has plateaued. You’re disillusioned, unsure if your business can grow beyond this. I’ll let you in on a little secret – come closer – it can.

How, you say?

Professional, carefully-crafted copywriting services that sell.

That’s where I come in.

Copywriting Services, YES. Mediocre, NEVER!

Your Cutting-Edge Copywriter, Faith:

Expert Research

Here’s a secret! Many copywriters use templates to generate quick copywriting services that are overused, unoriginal, and – most importantly! – not tailored to your needs at all. Where I differ: I ask in-depth questions to get to know your business. Then, I do my research. I delve into the psyches of your consumers to pinpoint what drives them. And only when I’ve done that, do I start writing your copy.  


Copywriting isn’t my job.

Copywriting is my passion.

I bring my love for writing to the table each and every day, and it shows. I’m dedicated to my craft, honing my skills, and writing copy for my clients that I can take pride in. You won’t find such passion anywhere else!


Who wants a freelancer with nothing but a high school diploma and dozens of pseudo-“certifications” clogging their resumes? Not me, that’s for sure! What I bring to the table is a degree in Linguistics & CS from UCLA, a world-renowned institution. A rigorous college career specializing in the use and analysis of language has provided me an expert foundation no other freelancer will have.

Expedited Options

In a hurry? No dice! You can either choose from an existing package with set timelines, or if you need a custom option, I will offer you a quote and a timeline the day you submit your order. If you need it done quicker, a range of expedited options are available, starting at 24 hours. Need it done ASAP? Just send me a message via my contact form, select your chosen package, and receive your copywriting service in as little as 1 day!

Technical Expertise

No one wants a copywriter that doesn’t understand what they’re writing about! As a software developer, pilot, and freelance cryptocurrency day trader with a degree in computer science, I have immense technical experience, which allows me to analyze your business from the inside, out, so you can get copywriting that knows what it’s talking about. This, you can only get with me!

Versatile Copywriting Services

From email launches to blog posts, I offer dozens of copywriting services so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Some of my services include: website copy, email copy, blog posts, articles, social media posts, ad copy/Google/FB ads, SEO content, UX copy, web/app microcopy, biographies, speeches, scripts, letters, e-books, newsletters, and creative writing. Need something else? No worries! I also offer custom copywriting services if something fits outside of my normal services.

The only thing in the way of your business and exponentially-elevated sales, is this button.