About Me

Dear friend,

You seem to have fallen into some obscure internet wormhole which has, quite inexplicably, landed you here. Were you, perhaps, instead seeking a portal to that elusive, ultra-intriguing behemoth the dark web? Perhaps scouring Yelp for the nearest Myungrang Hot Dog to get your weekly Korean corndog fix?

No matter! You’re here now. And since you’ve stumbled into my clutches, I’ll take this opportunity to not only introduce myself, but unravel my mystery-shrouded origins before you.

Come a little closer, my friend, and let us begin.


Faith Twardzik is a novelist, staff writer, and blogger. She has written four (as-of-yet unpublished) novels, and is now in the midst of penning her fifth.

Faith is a staff writer for OutWrite magazine, UCLA’s premier queer newspaper, where she analyzes up-and-coming or notorious LGBTQ+ entertainment and publishes original short stories. She also maintains a personal blog, where she writes about a litany of topics including, but not limited to K-pop and anecdotal experiences at UCLA, in the form of short stories, drabbles, anecdotes, and reviews.

Faith is a Midwestern native, but has since been displaced to Los Angeles. She now lives in the Entertainment Capital of the World and attends the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is currently a junior, pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Linguistics.

In high school, her passions included writing, playing the flute and piccolo, and piloting aircraft. She began novel-writing during her junior year, thereafter finishing a novel each summer. She spent her luxury time penning fictional drabbles and short stories, and fashioning outlines for future novels.

A musician since elementary school, Faith dedicated much of her high school career to playing the flute and piccolo. A member of the top wind ensemble at her local high school, she was named to several honors bands, including SuperState, and participated in a wide range of musical ensembles, including flute choir, full orchestra, and pep band.

Her sophomore year, urged to take a “discovery flight,” she fell in love with the idea of piloting aircraft and began her training. A few months and a multitude of ground school and flight hours later, she completed her first solo flight, becoming the only pilot in her family.

As a part of the LGBTQ+ community (putting the B in LGBTQ+), Faith is dedicated to publicizing marginalized issues and groups, and strives to inject meaning into everything she writes. She believes that if her words have the ability to change just one person’s life, be it through revolutionizing the way they think about a certain concept or making their day just a little bit better, then she has achieved what she set out to do. She dreams of pursuing a full-time career as an author, screenwriter, and video game writer, and will stop at nothing until her dream becomes a reality.  

Fun Facts About Faith

AKA: A list of wholly extraneous facts with no purpose other than to humanize me!

  1. As an avid K-pop aficionado, it’s not unlikely that at any given moment I’m either comforting myself with clips of Jin’s windshield-wiper laugh, chuckling uncontrollably at the lovable train wreck that is every EXO interview, or fantasizing about being the one-and-only G-Dragon.
  2. I was born in the year of the rabbit.
  3. I attend at least three annual Comic-Cons and I adore every minute of it. To traipse about a convention floor laden with geeky merchandise and latex-clothed superheroes will forever be my definition of fun.
  4. My favorites:

Book: Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

Author: Ernest Hemingway

TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica and Skam

Movie: Revenge of the Sith

Video Games: Prey and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Cheese: Goat Gouda

Song: “Louder than Bombs” by BTS


Thank you, my friend, for embarking upon this thrilling, chill-inducing quest into my quite exhilarating life. I sincerely hope that my blog and/or books brighten your day even the slightest bit, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any comments, questions, or simply want to fangirl over K-pop, cheese, or Star Wars with me.

And now, I’m quite dismayed to say, we have arrived at a critical juncture. I must release you from my clutches. Go on, my friend. Eat as many sugar-doused mozzarella Myungrang corndogs as your little heart desires.

I purple you,

Faith Twardzik