About Faith

Faith Twardzik was born in Downers Grove, Illinois in 1999, the only daughter of Vija and Edward. After a curtain accident – the day she gave her mom a teddy bear to keep her company in the ambulance – the family moved further into the far west Chicago suburbs, to a rural town of 15,000 residents called Yorkville. She grew up here, attended Yorkville High School for two years, and dropped out for the remaining two, opting to instead take all of her courses online through Northwestern University.

Faith is of Latvian-Polish descent, standing 5’6’’ and weighing somewhere around 120 pounds on any given day. She is hazel/gray-eyed, very fair-skinned, and has thick, strawberry-gold hair with a fluffy layer of bangs and a dusting of freckles atop her cheeks.

She began her writing career in 2015, during the summer of her sophomore year, in which she wrote her first novel, an apocalyptic sci-fi The Blood Dripped Stone, which she swears will never see the light of day. Every consecutive summer after that, she penned a new novel, going on to write the LGBTQ+ young adult novels Burnt Pancakes and Beneath Perseus, January’s Dandelion Grows. She moved to Los Angeles in late 2019 to attend the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating in two and a half years with a BA in Computer Science & Linguistics in Winter of 2021. During her college career, she penned an anecdotal memoir about her many strange, eccentric freshman-year experiences (living with a drug dealer, falling for an Albanian man with a harem, etc.), and the following year, she penned another memoir, this one of a jaded sophomore falling, unrequited, for an Egyptian Dom from Dubai. In January of 2022, Faith published “The Hummingbird’s Sayang” and is currently querying for literary agent representation of her other novels.

During her high school and college careers, she was involved in the band, in which she played the flute and piccolo. She also became a sport pilot, receiving her solo flight endorsement at seventeen. During college, she became a staff writer for Outwrite Newsmagazine, UCLA’s quarterly LGBTQ+ newsmagazine, and participated as a linguistics research assistant for Adam Royer’s Agreement Attraction dissertation.

When Covid hit in March of 2020, she moved into Westwood, alone, endured a month-long battle with Covid, developed anorexia binge-eating disorder, and an addiction to aspartame, and spent her days writing, working, and Tindering. In July of 2020, she began her fitness journey, kicking aspartame and beginning the arduous task of conquering anorexia, which she did. A few months later, she began her career as a cryptocurrency day trader, in the hopes of one day living as a nomadic author and day trader, traveling the world with her partner.

In January of 2021, she traveled to Dubai for a two-week vacation. Instead, she rented an apartment and lived in Dubai for three months, finishing her last semester abroad, in the grandest, most multicultural and modern city in the world. She now resides in Los Angeles, a recent graduate seeking work as a software developer, and in the meantime writing, day trading, querying her novels, and seeking out the best donut shops in LA.

A Few of Her Favorites:

Book: Call Me by Your Name by Andre Aciman

TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica and Monster

Song: “Endorphin” by Crush

Programming Language: C++

Food: Malay Laksa