Atomic Parallels

She sat on the edge of the bed, facing the window. She wasn’t sure what time it was. The sunlight that streamed in through this window at all hours of the day, filtered by the leaves of the sallow, stalky tree just out front, seemed always to cast the room in an early morning glow….

He Was Gone

See, the thing about our garden, was that it was quite the cherished thing. Some families worship football season, throwing Super Bowl parties to rival the festivities of Bacchus himself. Some families worship their pets, showering plump Golden Retrievers with topnotch chew toys and grain free duck meat, until, of course, a youngling gets a…

In the Shadow of the Oak

She woke with phantom fingerprints stinging her cheek and the taste of leather thick on her tongue.

Arsenic, For Flavor

The universe. It knows shit. You should be sad. I am sad. I don’t need you to remind me. Red Flags Funny [redacted]. It’s still your contact in my phone. I just overlooked it, every time we spoke. You were willing to overlook all the red flags. That’s what we do when we are in…

The Figurehead That Never Was

I can’t give you half of myself. I won’t. There, on some far-off bank, I can almost make us out. Bleeding out against the foreground of the waves in the distance. There are seashells underfoot, just here. Each step, little coral ridges cutting into your soles. A slow stripping away. So many of them! Not…

Lily of the Valley

The story of a girl from a paper town and a lily, lying cold against the stars on a far-off ship

To Cage and Free, By the Same Name

Since the days when I began thinking about sex — what it would be like, what I wanted, who I wanted — perhaps a decade or so ago, along came the newfound knowledge that as long as I had these novel desires, and as long as I was unprotected should I go through with them,…

Bare Collarbones and Reinvention: Body

*** Trigger Warning *** The following article graphically depicts the human body and the effects of extreme weight loss. Please proceed with caution or do not continue if this content may be triggering to you. *** Physical A few weeks in, the first signs appeared. She can’t quite remember what it was that emerged first….