True Happiness

Happiness is NOT what you think it is …

What do you imagine when you think of a happy life?

Living in a mansion on the edge of the ocean with a partner and family you love, where you can step right out onto the beach every morning? Buying things without having to look at the price tag? Never working another day in your life? Picking up that passion you dropped as a kid because life just “got in the way?”

You’re probably thinking of a carefree type of life. No problems. No worries. No doubts. Nothing keeping you up at night.

Here’s a bombshell ….

That’s NOT happiness.

Happiness is NOT the absence of problems. In fact, happiness isn’t even an ENTITY.

It’s an ACTION.

Happiness is …


Pure, straight-up, no-frills problem-solving.

We gain true happiness from having an issue and BESTING it. You’ve been striving to get into a good university and finally made it into Yale? Amazing! You’re not happy because of Yale. You’re happy because your goal was to get into an amazing school – and you achieved your goal!

So, if happiness isn’t getting rid of all of our problems, what are we working towards?


Finding the RIGHT type of problems. Solving the problems that we LOVE. That we’re PASSIONATE about. Don’t think about the car, house, salary at the end of the road. That’s not true happiness.

Think about what problems you’re dying to solve. The ones that keep you up at night, strategizing and thinking and inspiring you to solve them. What kind of PAIN you love to endure …

THAT is true happiness.

Finally publishing your book. Getting a literary agent. Starting your own business. Getting into university.

So, if problem-solving is TRUE happiness, then you have a decision to make:

What kind of problems do you LOVE solving?

THAT is what you should center your life around. Not the end goal.

Much love,

Happiness is NOT the absence of problems.

Faith Twardzik

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